Twitter Likes as an Acknowledgement

News 05:02 February 2024:

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Twitter likes have a lot of uses and benefits for the people using them. It is important to learn this so as to be effective in using twitter. This is especially so if you are a business person and intend to use twitter as one of your marketing or promotional platforms. One of the tricks to learn is how to use the likes to show acknowledgement. It is a simple move to let people know that you saw their tweet even if you did not re-tweet it or replied to the tweet.

When you like a tweet, the one who posted it would get a notification on their end. This is actually a good twitter feature as it notifies them that you have liked the tweet. As such the person will take the twitter like as your acknowledgement that you saw the tweet. When you see notifications that a person has liked your tweet, it forms a bond and if the practice is continued, interactions in the future are inevitable. Other ways to do this is reply to the tweet and mention them in conversations.