Three Ways Top Brands Are Utilizing Instagram Stories Views.

News 04:02 February 2024:

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The competition in the business world is high that advertising and marketing have been taken to larger scale. Many companies have taken up to the social media with the aim of attracting the clients and remain afloat in the competitive business environment. That is why Instagram has not been left behind by many corporates. Top brands in the market are utilizing Instagram stories views to drive their sales and assess their impact and the command in the current markets. The following are some of the ways top brands are utilizing the Instagram stories views;

Sharing the behind-the-scenes of the company and their products;

This is the best way to associate with their clients and make them feel part of their success and progress. Using the Instagram stories, the clients are taken through various steps of what it takes for them to be given the final products. For example, those in the food industry, they can utilize the stories to educate their clients of how a particular meal is prepared, the ingredients included and the entire process of preparing the same. With such initiative, the clients remain informed and are made aware of what happens behind the scenes for the services rendered to them. The customers feel like part of the management and the whole reason why the company keeps going and not only interested in the amounts you pay for the services.

Calling for customer contests and fun activities;

Even if the social media handle is meant for advertising and marketing, it should not be so at all times. Take time and engage in current activities happening around you, carry out contests and fun activities where rewards and several tokens are given out to winning participants. Set trivia questions as you engage your fans through the stories. Make it a regular thing over time to keep your followers returning from time to time to participate in such activities. Never fix a specific date for such engagements but always let it catch your followers by surprise. With no one aware of the timing, they will be checking your feeds from time to time that is likely to increase the Instagram stories views because of the constant visits to the profile.

The Instagram takeovers;

Most companies in recent times are taking celebrities to manage and interact with their followers for a given period on a specific day. This is away from the usual use of their social media staff, but the followers are provided with a personality or a celebrity to help push the company marketing goals and targets. The choice of the person to interact with your followers should be made right unless you risk the session doing more harm than good. The Instagram stories will enable pass the companies message to the clients as well as collect their views from the given responses to address and improve where possible.


From the above three points, it is evident that Instagram stories is a give and take approach employed by many top brands to assess their impact and the market share they are controlling. It makes enables the management come up with better strategies and decisions towards increasing the profit margins.