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Never Give Up

The Noble Prize in chemistry was announced today.  It was given to three computational chemists whose work allowed chemical modeling and interactions to be visualized like never before.   In this quote from  Reuters Martin Karplus and Arieh Warshel, who won the prize along with Michael Levitt, talk about what they had to over come to reach this achievement.   

It was not an easy scientific journey, however. Warshel said he had been convinced of the case for using computers to simulate chemical reactions since 1975 but did not know if he would live to see it adopted.

"I always knew it was the right direction, but I had infinite difficulties and setbacks in the research. None of my papers were ever published without being rejected first," he told Reuters.

Karplus said his early work using computers was initially met coldly by many of his scientific colleagues in the ’70s.

"My chemistry colleagues thought it was a waste of time," he told reporters at Harvard in Cambridge, Massachusetts, adding that the next generation of scientists should be courageous and "not believe their colleagues necessarily if they say they can’t do something."