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Seven Year Bloop

Me:  So the Academy of Natural Sciences has a summer camp called Sea Monsters.  Do you want to go?  

7 yr old: I wonder if they will have an audio system with a recording of the Bloop.

Me:  What? What is the Bloop?

7 yr old:  It is a mysterious underwater creature that no one has ever seen.  

Me:  (turning to my 10 yr old)  Have you ever heard of this?

10 yr old:  Bloop.


Once again, this seems to be a real thing.  A scientist named Christopher Fox who studies under water sounds for NOAA originally thought the Bloop might be due to a not yet discovered sea creature.  Because, as explained in New Scientist, ”its signature is a rapid variation in frequency similar to that of sounds known to be made by marine beasts.”  But acoustic scientists have since realized that the sound most likely emanates for Icequakes, as they are far louder than anything a whale has ever produced.  According to the NOAA Vents Program website:

The broad spectrum sounds recorded in the summer of 1997 are consistent with icequakes generated by large icebergs as they crack and fracture. NOAA hydrophones deployed in the Scotia Sea detected numerous icequakes with spectrograms very similar to “Bloop”. 

Here is the sound of the bloop.   I have no idea where my kid gets this stuff.