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White Bread Chemistry


Two words: Italian Bakery.  The smell of fresh baked white bread is heavenly.  If only you could bottle that scent and take it home with you.  Now you can.  Chemists are identifying the molecular composition of that white bread aroma.  The smell that convinces our brain white bread tastes so good.  Take the chemical responsible and add it to wheat bread and, voilà, you have achieved the win-win of an olfactory satisfying wheat bread.      

Science Daily reports on a paper published by Devin G. Peterson and colleagues in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry which discusses their culinary chemical wizardry :  

They focused on ferulic acid (FA), found mainly in bran. Scientists already knew that FA suppresses one of the critical components of baked bread’s aroma. When Peterson’s team added FA to white flour dough, the bread tasted and smelled like wheat bread.

Healthy, yet kid-friendly, bread may soon be on it’s way to your table.

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