How to Get More Instagram Stories Plays and Snapchat Stories Plays

News 09:05 May 2024:

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Instagram and snapchat stories features have taken the internet by storm as more and more people start using them. Snapchat was in existence before the instagram stories feature was created but they seem to attract the some level of interest from users. Snapchat is actually less popular with business people and company’s looking to promote their brand using the stories feature. However, the methods used to increase the number of instagram stories plays and snapchat stories playsare somewhat similar.

They include;Using Call to Action – A call to action simply means you are alerting your friends that you have a new story created on snap chat or instagram and you would like them to view your story. It is like a commercial or a promotion to help increase your snap chat stories plays by getting more people to view them. You should however be careful not to end up spamming your friends as most people delete spam messages before even reading them. You can use CTA by sending a snap to all your followers. It should be short and simple especially if you have a lot of followers as you may be required to redo it. To increase the instagram stories plays further, you can share the stories to other social media sites such as twitter and face book. You can send the CTA before you create the story or immediately after you do so. Your message should have an urgent tone in it. The aim of this is to get people interested in seeing your story before the twenty four hours are over and it gets permanently deleted. Doing it before creating the story gets people to know that a cool story is coming up on snap chat or instagram and they should be ready for it.

Engaging your followers – This can be regarded as a final call to action. Since the apps allow you to create captions on your stories, you can give a description of what is happening on the story. You may need to make it interesting so as to get more plays. Do not use boring captions which will make the viewer stop viewing your story even before it’s done. Also use emojis if you can. Most people on social media find emojis more entertaining than actual words.

You can also ask the viewer to snap their thoughts or instagram it. This allows people to also view their thoughts. You can make it a conversation where you post a story to show your thoughts on a person’s story. This also allows for word of mouth. People will get talking about your stories and you eventually get more people viewing.

You can also build more rapport for more instagram stories plays and snapchat stories playsby thanking the viewer at the end of the story. This also builds your brand and gets more people hooked on your snaps and stories. Building a brand gets people feeling that they can identify with the stories you create. Just remember not to bore your followers.