Why Twitter Likes are represented by a heart symbol?

Without any doubt, nearly all people are always drawn to heart symbols as these are clear representations of one’s liking or appreciation. Needless to say, it is definitely very elating to have lots of heart symbols in your Twitter profile when you post something- who wouldn’t love to have countless of Twitter Likes anyway?

Twitter developers wish to make this site a very rewarding and easier social networking tool to use. The reason why heart was chosen to represent likes in Twitter is simply because this is a very clear sign to communicate how much you have appreciated or liked a post. In truth, this symbol is so easy to recognize even to those who have just started their account in Twitter.

What is more, the heart is regarded as a universal symbol that echoes across cultures, languages as well as time zones. In reality, it is more communicable in the sense that it allows you to express an array of emotions and instantly connect with others. This is a certified effective symbol to represent Twitter Likes. It is easier to convey your emotions with a heart.f1

In the event that you really do not care about the likes, you can continue to remain impersonal. However, if you care about the likes and you actually want to have them, it is time you got personal. It is time people put a face to the name and it is time that people start seeing someone that they can actually relate to. They need to be able to relate the content that is being posted to a certain person and therefore personality. This will get you a large number of followers simply because they know who they are following. Provided you continue posting interesting content and continue keeping your followers entertained, the followers will then turn into twitter likes.

Spectating on Twitter will not get you Likes

There are people who go on twitter each and every single day, read through what other people are posting, retweets people’s tweets but they never post content of their own. They are never sharing anything and they simply joyride and spectate what other people do on twitter. The sad part about this whole story is the fact that they still expect to get twitter likes. This will never happen.

The one fact that most people tend to ignore about social media is that it is a give and take affair.  You strictly have to give so that you can receive. This simply means that if you are looking to get the twitter likes, you have to give people something to like. Post interesting content, tweet interesting tweets and basically be visible on the platform. Choose to update people on the latest happenings, choose to be the one to make people laugh by posting jokes; you can choose to do anything, at the end of the day it is social media. You just have to give the twitter audience content to like and the likes will begin flowing your way in a very steady flow.f2

Being Selfish on Twitter will Never Work Well for you

Are you looking for Twitter likes? Are you continuously posting content but no one seems to be appreciating what you are posting? Do you find yourself posting each and every latest happening and cracking eth best jokes but no one seems to like what you are posting? Well, this is most likely because you have been selfish as a person on twitter. You only want to receive but you are not willing to give; you just expect that things will automatically fall on your laps.

There are a number of unwritten rules that apply to social media. One of these rules is that you should not expect people to like and share your content if you never do the same to others. You need to get a basic understanding of how twitter works. You follow someone and they follow you back; the same applies when it comes to like. If you continuously show appreciation for the work that others are doing on twitter, the same people will continuously show appreciation for the work that you are doing on twitter. This is actually one of the easiest proven methods of getting twitter likes.

Free Instagram Views; Just Why You Should Purchase Them


There is no doubt that Instagram is by far the most interesting social media sites one could ever join. As a matter of fact, when the site was just being launched, not many people thought that it would become a major communication site as we speak. There is no doubt that Instagram has stamped its authority in the social media arena and has competed effectively with other sites in terms of the numbers of its users with Instagram boasting of the lion’s share together with twitter and Facebook. It is clear that each and everyone wants to join Instagram, both young people and adults alike, and thus the numbers keep increasing day in day out.

Well, perhaps you are wondering what exactly makes Instagram one of the most amazing social media sites to be ever created. Instagram came in as a very fresh idea. As a matter of fact, no social media site had the same concept as the one Instagram had. Instagram gave an opportunities to its users to share their life stories through posting photos and sharing videos on their timelines and not through words and statuses as many sites had initially provided for.



With this exciting concept, many people wanted to join Instagram to be part of the experience where you can tell people within your social circle more about your life and what exactly is happening in it. With that said, more and more people continued to sign up for their accounts with the expectation that they would relish in the thrill that comes along with Instagram. As we speak, Instagram has millions and millions of users that are active from all walks of life and diverse backgrounds making the world seem like a small global village where you can simply multiply link up and connect with people from all over the world.

So with that said, the experience on Instagram is not usually a walk in the park as many people would tend to think it is. The initial stages after signing up for an account are usually difficult per se. You will in most cases find it harder than you had thought. With a few number of followers, also the low numbers of likes that you get on the photos you post, and even the low numbers of views you get when you post a video. All these aspects could discourage you but you should not give up on your Instagram quest.

When it comes to the videos in particular, nothing makes you happier than to see your video getting as many views as you would like. A view will register itself if actually the video is watched for more than three seconds. It gives you that sense of pride that makes you feel that your presence on social media is being appreciated. But I can guarantee you that these views don’t come on a silver platter. Creating a viral audience on Instagram is quite difficult especially if you are not well known by the public. But that can be a thing of the past if you read this piece of article.f2

The best thing that you can do is purchase free Instagram views for the videos that you post on your timeline. This works in the sense that, the moment you post a video, a certain number of views will register under the video depending on the premium you actually subscribe for. Having said that, perhaps you are actually wondering just why you should purchase these free views. Well, the perks are quite enormous and desirable if you get to look at them and would help you better your Instagram experience. Here are just some of the advantages.

Help you build a following

Not many people do realize it but free Instagram views will always tend to help you build a following on Instagram. The general trend on the site and many other sites across the world is that people normally like to associate with numbers. In other words, people usually want in one way or another to be connected with the people who command social media respect. For this reason, when people notice that the videos that you post are gaining lots of views, they will conclude that you are able to command influence and they will end up following you to be in your social circle.

Helps you improve your video creation skills

Purchasing free Instagram views helps you to increase your creativity when it comes to video creation. The more views that you get on the videos, the more likely you are to get helpful feedback that will help you improve your video creation. Asking what people think of the video will always help you tweak your next videos according to how exactly your followers and members of your social media circle want to watch. This way, they will always feel more obliged to watch your videos every time you get to post one.

Creates a fan base for you

As if that is not enough, free Instagram views will also get to expose your account to a larger circle that will help you create a social media presence. The more views your videos get actually implies that your video is trending all over across Instagram. This therefore gives your account the exposure that will in some way help you establish a brand name for yourself.

Increases your popularity on Instagram

Free Instagram views will get your account exposed out there for all people to see and as a result,your popularity increases because people want to know you. By buying the right and ideal free views premium for your account, You get to build a viral audience for your videos andby doing so, your video will get to trend across the entire social media site and as a result, people will want to find out who exactly posted the video and they will get to identify with you by virtue of your video having very many views.